Two Narrow Victories in SBL

North Ayrshire have two teams competing at Bromley TTC in Division B2 and C2 of this seasons Senior British League. Our B team who competes in the B2 Division is made up of Martin Johnson, Andy Macpherson, Danny Bajwa & Ethan Chapman. Our C team who competes in the C2 Division have had 5 players involved in their team so far this season, Harvey McDonald, Charlie Morton, Ryan Henry, Kayser Collins & Jamie Johnson.

Andy, Danny, Martin & Ethan in Division B2 have impressively worked their way to joint top of table with 1 weekend left to play. The boys narrowly beat TableTennisDaily and Sycamore in the two last fixtures, both 5-4 to stay joint top with Milton Keynes. Danny Bajwa won the deciding match 11-7 in fifth to get our team the win and two points to keep us in with a fight of promotion.

Harvey, Charlie, Kayser & Jamie, alongside coach Jordan McGinlay, won 5-4 v top of the table Lillington and 5-4 v 2nd position Woodfield II in the last weekend of matches which puts them in 6th postion in a close fought league. Harvey won 5 out of 6 matches and Charlie won 6 out of 6 matches, with Jamie Johnson making considerable progress winning more matches as the season goes on.

Division B-2

Division C-2