History of North Ayrshire TTC

North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club is one of North Ayrshire’s success stories since it was established in 2004. Before then no youths played table tennis as there was no coaches on hand or junior clubs available. As Chris & Richard Main found a new love for table tennis, they started playing and advancing in the sport. Kilwinning Table Tennis Club invited the boys along to train with them and within a few months their friends became interested and the number of junior players started to increase. Kilwinning TTC was far too busy meaning there was less table time for the members. Chris & Richard’s father Billy Main took the initiative and started a new club, North Ayrshire TTC.

Celebrating 10 Years

10 years on NATTC has seen an vast increase in players, coaches and playing ability and have kick started a new shown interest in table tennis in the area. We have encouraged more than 1000 juniors and adults to pick up a bat and play table tennis, some of them becoming Scotland’s top players and making a name for themselves. This has been achieved through promoting table tennis in schools by doing exhibitions & taster sessions, having qualified coaches in place so our players can progress, run regular tournaments & have teams in leagues so our players can get plenty of match practise & having a strong emphasis on the fun aspects of the game.

There has been several people who have made this club what it is today. Ian Macpherson, Terry McLernon MBE who have both been key in the success of the club and development of players.

Anyone is welcome to come along to our club, we have 7 year olds who have just started the game to Senior Scottish internationalists so you will be able to find someone who plays at your level.