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Player Action Shots

Some player action shots taken at the club before the Christmas break. Pictures taken at the St Peters church hall, Ardrossan. NATTC league players who train and play for the club in various leagues.

Last Weekend for a while – Tier 4

This weekend (18–21st Dec) will be the last weekend of table tennis until at least 18th January as Scot Govt are putting every local authority into tier 4 as of Boxing Day.

Sessions are full tomorrow but free spaces on Monday so let Billy Main know what times you want and who your practise partner is so we can fill up the slots.

If you require a player to play with we can arrange accordingly and will pair you up with someone your level. Email Billy at or DM us on Facebook.

Our sessions have been going well, feedback has been good from all players attending. Thanks to everyone and all the regulars for the help and support ensuring sessions are COVID safe and rules are followed.

Our weekly schedule for past few months have looked like the following ;

1pm – 3pm : Over 50s – 6 spaces
3.15pm – 4.15pm : Over 50s – 6 spaces
4.30pm – 6.30pm – 6 spaces

4pm – 5.30pm : 6 spaces
5.30pm – 7pm : 6 spaces

12pm – 1.45pm : 6 spaces
2pm – 3.30pm : 6 spaces

3pm – 3.15pm : 6 spaces
4.30pm – 6.30pm : 6 spaces

Contactless Payments

Since we have been back up and running from the start of September, we have had to operate a cashless payment system. This has been easy to set up and thanks to everyone who are following the contactless payment rules. Options are paying online by bank transfer every week or via contactless card reader when they arrive. 

If you want to set up bank transfer, let us know and we will send you club details to do so. 

Please continue to adhere to the club’s COVID-19 rules 

On entry 
– Maintain social distancing 
– Wear mask until you are at your table
– Use hand sanitiser on arrival
– Temperature check on arrival
– Head straight to allocated table 

– Stay within your own court
– Have your own drink / food
– No change of ends
– No change of partners
– Wear mask when leaving the court

– Clean your side of table after playing 
– Put equipment back in your bag before you leave the court
– Use one way system when leaving 

Gertsen Club Workshop – Zoom

Stephen Gertsen and Table Tennis Scotland have relaunched their Online Workshops which Stephen delivers over Zoom on a specific area / part of the game. NATTC have a date booked of January 13th at 7pm so make sure you are free for that and put it in your diary.

Below is the list of what workshops are available, we will discuss with everyone what one is most popular and will go for that. Stephen is able to do 1-1 mentoring sessions with anyone who is part of the national squad, so please look into that and take that opportunity for personalised feedback and tips on your game.

Workshops available include:

  • Developing Concentration
  • Developing Confidence
  • Developing Motivation
  • Dealing with Anxiety
  • Enhancing Behaviour
  • Imagery Techniques
  • Tactical Awareness
  • Men’s Game Specific
  • Women’s Game Specific
  • Taking Responsibility for Your TT Development
  • Service Development
  • Receive Development
  • Analysing and Observing Technique
  • Delivering Engaging Sessions
  • Developing Your Coaching Approach
  • Session and Annual Planning
  • Cornering in matches
  • Club Development

TTS Online Workshops Relaunch!

Bribar Order

We have just placed our second club Christmas order for members and players which will be delivered on 22nd December. If anyone is still wanting to order anything,  Bribar TT are still taking orders up until the 21st December with next day delivery being an option.

Bribar TT are our club sponsors and equipment suppliers and have everything a table tennis player needs. Visit it their website here –


NATTC feature on TTS Advent Calendar

Table Tennis Scotland have been running the #TTSAdvent where a couple of NATTC players have featured in the daily competition.

Day 13 was guess the cho which was recorded pre covid at the WoS Open where the options were out of Edinburgh’s Charlie McGowan, Aberdeen’s Daniel Tibbett and North Ayrshire’s Chad Duncan. Of course it was Chad (pictured below) as the competition winner from that day Callum Riddoch says ” only Chad can get that loud”.

Day 2 was guess the player behind the Santa outfit. Which was Club coach Chris Main hiding behind it (Picture below). A lot of correct answers that day with only a few wrong ones … Get involved on twitter – @tabletennisscot

David Fairholm has hosted his brilliant weekly Zoomcast for 8 months, which started as a way to stay connected in lockdown but has become a much loved regular fixture. The final TTS Fireside session looks back over 29 weeks and 53 guests. This will be on the TTS Youtube channel this coming Monday (21st Dec) at 7pm.


NEW Weekly Session – Tuesdays

We have had a good return to table tennis the past few weeks at our new venue, St Peters Church hall in Ardrossan.  As you know we have had sessions running Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon. We will continue to run the sessions there on those days but we now have a bigger Tuesday session organised at the Portal 7.30pm – 9pm.

6 tables will be set up so we can accommodate 12 players and is book-able through Billy Main ( / 07979806571).

This session will run separate to Irvine TTC, as every Tuesday Irvine TTC will run 6pm – 7.20pm. Then NATTC will start at 7.30pm – 9pm.

North Ayrshire TT Session – Portal Info

– Every Tuesday 7.30pm – 9pm

– NATTC players only

– Limited to 12 players

– Book in advance, let Billy know if you are attending

– £4 per session

– No set up or set down of tables

– KA Leisure / TT Scotland Covid-19 rules to be followed and adhered to

– Entrance through main door, exit through fire exit in main hall

– Temperature check on arrival

If you plan to attend this week or the following, drop my dad a message and he will put your name down for the session.

Back in Action

Great first week of table tennis post lockdown and a smooth return to club activity at our new venue, St Peters church hall in Ardrossan. Sessions ran Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and we do the same again this week, with slightly longer days and busier timetable.

All players were great at adhering to the new Covid-19 rules that we have put in place. The hall was looking good with the increased court size and the 3 tables set up. We have opened up our sessions this week to include players from different clubs, such as Irvine TTC and West Kilbride TTC as their venues aren’t open yet.

Our first two weekends have seen over 40+ players walk in the door and we continue to operate a book in advance timetable. Anyone wanting to book a table, confirm times or get more information, please contact Billy Main on 07979806571.

VIDEO : Jamie Johnson playing well after his first weekend back, making the topspin exercises look easy as usual …

Club Update – Sept 9th

Competitions Cancelled
Club sec Jordan McGinlay received an email in last couple of days from WoSTTL stating that the first weekend of SNL in Oct is cancelled, alongside the Perth Open and Scottish Primary School Championships. We will keep you posted with dates that get changed or amended. Still no  confirmed date when WOS Senior League will be back in action, but we know Edinburgh League will be starting back Jan 2021.

We have secured a number of new venues which we will using while St Matthews remain shut and have moved all relevant equipment to those venues. St Peters Church hall we will be using just now which is an ideal hall for 3 tables. Ardrossan Scout Hut, West Kilbride Community Centre are two venues we plan to use for sessions but remain closed just now until later this month. The Portal could be opening in the next couple of weeks so we hope that we can have some bigger club sessions on 6 tables when that does open. Will keep you posted.

1-1 coaching 
I will be slowly organising some sort of weekly schedule with regards to 1-1 coaching. The portal main sports hall is opening soon and we have asked for a couple of nights (Mon, Tue, Wed or Thurs). Chris will be in contact with players regarding the 1-1 times early next week.

Videos / Promo
We have a couple of tripods down with me over the weekend, so if anyone wants to record their training or practice matches, let us know and Chris can give you tripod for your phone. I shared few videos on Instagram of people who put pics up / videos up on their profiles. Any more this week let me know and ill do the same.

British League
British League first weekend which was suppose to be Sept 26/27th has been cancelled by TT England, disappointing news but sort of expected. The remaining fixtures in Dec, Mar and Apr are set to go ahead and possibly another date to add to the calendar. Jordan has been in contact with all our BSL players with venues, divisions and teams we are up against.

ITTF Foundation Grant
We have been successful in applying for the ITTF Foundation grant which helps clubs around the world with all sort of support during the lockdown. We are being sent equipment from ITTF for our club members and people at our sessions to use. Over £2.5k worth of rubbers, blades, clothing and club equipment so we are very thankful for ITTF in supporting us.

Bonus Ball
Again, thanks to everyone who has continued to play and contribute towards club funds by playing the Bonus Ball. Billy has been contacting the winners to arrange prizes. We plan to start a 50/50 club beginning the month of October, so we will be in touch then regarding the set up of it.

Sat 5th Sept Winner – Jim Love
Sat 29th Aug Winner – John McNamara
Sat 22nd Aug Winner – John McNamara
Sat 15th Aug WInner – Ian Macpherson
Sat 8th Aug Winner – Pete Hay

Support from ITTF Foundation

The ITTF Foundation has been set up specifically to promote humanitarian projects around the globe, creating positive social change and solidarity through table tennis. Events such as World Table Tennis Day and the first ever ITTF World Parkinson;s Table Tennis Championships have been organised by the Foundation and are growing year on year. They have focused mainly on projects involving women, refugees, and people with disabilities.

New for 2020, and in response to the COVID-19, comes TABLE TENNIS UNITED. Those involved in table tennis affected by the pandemic, can apply to the scheme for support. Support can be in the form of financial, equipment or knowledge that is deemed helpful to the applicant. Club member, Graeme Stevenson, learned of the project through the ITTF website and suggested that our club, North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club apply for funding.

We set about collating information on how the pandemic had affected our club. The cancellation of the North Ayrshire Open and several other planned activities significantly reduced our income over this recent period. We applied to the ITTF TABLE TENNIS UNITED Fund for support and a few weeks later we were delighted to be offered some $3,500 worth of equipment for the club. This donation in kind will without doubt help the club continue now with many activities, including kids pre and after school clubs, and also a planned promotion of women and girls in table tennis. Whilst we are aware the pandemic will still cause some disruption to our future plans we are very grateful to ITTF Foundation and their partners for the support we have been given.