History of NATTC

Club member Graeme Stevenston who has came back on the table tennis scene after many years out, has taken the time to start writing up the history of NATTC and TT in the area to mark the 20th year since the club was founded. Graeme who has been competing for our WoS Senior League division 3 team (currently top of the league..) is looking for results, pictures and successes from anyone who has been involved or played at our club over the years.

The first edition has been drafted up with player biographies, articles from newspapers and results online which we could find, however Graeme wants to add more detail from players point of view and to add info on the clubs work in schools and community. Also important to highlight the hard work that our volunteers / players put into the club and sport in North Ayrshire.

Graeme encourages anyone to contact him or the club to pass on any old newspaper cuttings, articles, trophies, results etc and comments below

“Since my return to table tennis a few months ago I have taken an interest in the history of the North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club. So much so that I would like to write a history of NATTC. I am anticipating this will require a considerable amount of research on my part and I am hoping that you will consider assisting me in compiling the records.
We will get to the full history in time however if anyone has any information they think may be of help I am happy to receive it. This can be in any format and I would re assure everyone that all documents / pictures / results will be returned to the owner quickly and in the same condition as they were received, if handed over in person rather than electronically.
I do hope as many of you as possible will try to help with this project and I do emphasise that this is the first of many requests you will receive. I look forward to hearing from you.”

Message us on FB, twitter or instagram, email chris@nattc.co.uk or graemestevenson@btinternet.com.