Club Lockdown Activities

See below a number of club activities we have lined up for next two weeks. On Monday 11th we have our first Zoom meeting for players and on Thursday 14th the same for senior players and team captains. A good time to catch up and pass on some info we have with regards to TT after the lockdown and some updates from TTS and British League etc.

Colin Dalgleish has kindly volunteered to lead our first weekly HIIT session which will be Friday 15th May at 5pm. This is open to everyone at the club and we will pass on the session plan the day before so everyone can get familiar with it, before its starts. Martin Johnson will deliver Week 2 HIIT session at the same time on 22nd May.

Graeme Stevenston and Chris Main will be taking the Club Quiz on Thursday 21st May. 3 rounds of Q’s which will be a mix of sports, table tennis and general knowledge so hopefully we can get a good turnout for it that evening. Will send out start of that week on how to join.

WC 11th May

Monday 6.15pm – Zoom meeting for performance players group

Thursday 7pm – Zoom meeting for senior players & team captains

Friday 5pm – HIIT session delivered by Colin Dalgleish

WC 18th May

Thursday 7pm – Club Quiz Night with G Stevenston / C Main

Friday 5pm – HIIT session delivered by Martin Johnson

Other Activities 

Service Challenges will be out for anyone to complete WC 11th May so keep an eye out for them online and in your inbox. ….

TTS Trickshot Challenge – Table Tennis Scotland challenging players to create a video on the table or in the house, with a creative way of hitting a ball into a plastic cup.. See Martin Johnsons videos on his twitter here –

Player Spotlights – Next player up on our Spotlight article is Adam Moore, who will chat about how he got into table tennis and what his ambitions are for the future. Phil Greenham is our next volunteer, who will chat about the success of West Kilbride TT Club and the different aspects of coaching.

TTS Q&A – Table Tennis Scotland being doing a weekly Q&A with different players and a different topic each week. West Kilbride’s Holly McNamara was involved in the Week 1 addition, asking questions and chatting about her table tennis with TT legends Don and Jill Parker MBE. You can view on their YouTube channel here –