WoS League – Round Up

Read the reports below from three of our West of Scotland Senior League team members, Ian, Alec & Andre. A successful season for all teams with a big thanks go out to the team captains, players and volunteers who played, coached and helped out.

Division 1 – North Ayrshire A – Ian Macpherson report

– Jamie Johnson, Nathan Hogg, Ian Macpherson, Chris Main

Strongest NATTC A west league teams ever assembled, Chris Main, Jamie Johnson, Nathan Hogg and Ian Macpherson, had another brilliant season. Finishing on a huge tally of 124 points, but second to Drumchapel A on 128, so close. Each team only lost once to each other during the whole season. The third place team Joe Wilson A gained 78 points a massive 46 points behind us.  For the first time in years three players from the same team topped the individual averages. Jamie 1st with 41 with wins (91.1%), Nathan 2nd with 40 wins (83.3%) and Chris 3rd with 33 wins (100%) – This clearly demonstrates the incredible talent and consistency that our players performed at throughout the season. Ian finished the season with 10 wins 18 (56%).

The team unfortunately lost in the first round of the Handicap Cup to Hamilton Cross A by only a few points despite starting behind by over 250 points. Huge efforts by Jamie and Nathan winning some matches 21- 5 and under was just not enough. Hamilton Cross A have since progressed to the handicap cup final.

But the biggest disappointment of the season was losing 5-1 to our main rivals Drumchapel A in the League Cup Final.The score did not reflect the competitiveness of the match and the difficult conditions at the Drum. A huge effort by the guys whose support for each other is unrivalled. We drowned our sorrows by going large at McDonalds. 
It was a huge pleasure to be part of the team during a very entertaining and enjoyable season.  Here’s to the next.

Division 3 – North Ayrshire B – Alec Hughes report

Players – Chad Duncan, Euan Walker, Alec Hughes, Kevin Morrison, Alec Hughes, Graeme Stevenston

It was a busy season and as far as the league and cup results go, it was a successful season and near enough perfect season. We finished 2nd in the league after a close battle v Drumchapel C for the title, finishing 2 points behind them on 104 to their 106. Brilliant to win the divisional cup after losing the league so closely, beating Glasgow South C 5-3 in the final away from home.

Great to see Chad coming back and making a return, he was a great help winning nearly all of his matches even he hadn’t trained that much. John Sinclair was another good acquisition and he settled in well. Euan and Kevin both played and contributed well. Graeme only played 2 league games when needed and me 3 as I was team captain and coach. Overall a great team effort from start to finish with good group of 6 players contributing wins.

Chad played 45 won 42 – John played 36 won 23 – Euan played 36 won 22  – Kevin played 12 won 10 – Graeme  played 6 won 4 – Alec played 9 won 3   

Division 4 – North Ayrshire C – Andre Sonnet report

Players – John Smith, Bruce McLellan, Andre Sonnet, Billy Main

We have finished 4th out of 9 teams in the league winning 8 matches out of 16 through the season. Hamilton Cross A won the league who were a strong team and are undefeated on 117 points. Airdrie comes second with 101 points, Glasgow South D third with 89 points and us “North Ayrshire C” with 74 points, 8 matches won and 8 lost. On five is Joe Wilson D with 60 points and one outstanding match.

Player averages are 50% for Bruce, 53% for Andre and 58% for John and Billy. Bruce played every match which was all 48 matches. I played 45, John 33, and Billy 12. In terms of the overall league, nobody has played more matches than
Bruce and Andre. John Wilson is third with 42 matches played, but he won an incredible 100% out of those..

This season the league was rather one-sided, or at best two-sided: In the top ten of the players with the highest
win-average there are four players from Hamilton Cross A and three from Airdrie. The top three are all Hamilton
players. We reached semi finals of Divisional Cup with a 5-0 win over Dunlop B at home, we then lost to Hamilton A in the semi final 5-0. An enjoyable season playing alongside Bruce, John and Billy and hopefully more of the same next season.