WoS Junior League

Very impressive start and performance from our junior league players at Drumchapel for the first day of the West of Scotland Junior League. As you can see below, we have 7 teams competing this season with the majority our players proggessing and moving up a division. Thanks to all the parents who took their time out of their day to be on driving duties and special thanks to Bruce McLellan who did his best coaching as many players as possible. Next date of WoS JL is scheduled to be the 17th January at Drumchapel High School.

Div 1
Robin Wilson / Ryan Henry / Jamie Johnson
Owen Wilson / Derrin Lynch / Kayer Collins

Div 2
Chad Duncan / Patric Hollywood
Martin Krus / Ryan Watt / Grant McLellan / Kyle McCaig

Div 3
Adam Nicol / Holly McNamara / Naomi Provan
Alex Gracie / Stuart Carnican

Div 4
Murray Anderson / Jess Hogg / Nathan Hogg

View tables & players averages on the West of Scotland website – http://goo.gl/SY8S4q