West of Scotland Junior League

West of Scotland Junior League kicked off on Sunday 9th October at the usual Drumchapel High School. North Ayrshire TTC has 20+ strong squad for this seasons junior league with a number of players progressing and moving up a division. Next weekend of the WoS JL will take place on Sunday 6th November with matches starting at 11am. Full results will be online soon on www.wosttl.org.uk

Division 1
A – Jamie Johnson, Jacque Clapham & Patric Hollywood
B – Owen Wilson, Chad Duncan, Grant McLellan & Martin Krus

Division 2
C – Naomi Provan, Holly McNamara & Adam Nicol
D – Alex Gracie, Emmanuel Sonnet & Nathan Hogg

Division 3
E – Jess Hogg, Murray Anderson & Jason Lambert

Division 4
F – Liam McCann, Blair Blythe & Fergus Anderson