Supporting TT in Schools

North Ayrshire TT Club has several ideas and programmes being launched in the coming months to promote and support table tennis activities in our area and local schools. One of our initiatives is the support / colleges which run table tennis during and after school.

While we cant deliver or help deliver sessions in schools due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we are offering equipment, club materials and online opportunities to help PE teachers, senior pupils deliver better and higher quality TT sessions.

What we have on offer

– Table Tennis Tables (on loan basis)
– Cluster Equipment Packs (see below)
– Coaching Tools
– TT Scotland Online CPD Coaching Courses
– TT Maintenance (Fixing broken equipment)

TT Tables ( on loan basis)
We have a number of table tennis tables to give out on loan basis to support existing activities or NEW classes in schools which show interest in delivering the sport. If it would help your school to have an extra 1 or 2 tables so less people are sitting off, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Each Cluster Equipment pack includes 
– 25 bats
– 4 stretchy nets
– 2 full size nets
– Box of practise balls
– Skill cards – made by us
– FREE passes to club sessions
– Club Flyers

We aim to give each cluster or academy in North Ayrshire a pack which can be used in their cluster as and when they please.

Online Intro to TT Coaching Course
We have a couple of dates agreed with TT Scotland for online “Intro to TT Coaching Course” which is ideal for anyone wanting to learn about the basics of table tennis and how to deliver a session on it. We hope to open this up to anyone wanting to do it and is perfect for players, students, senior pupils and PE staff. We will be contacting schools and partners to discuss this in coming days.

TT Maintenance
We have many volunteers at club who help fix tables, barriers and nets and help our club maintain a range of high quality equipment throughout the season. If any school, college or venue have broken tables, please let us know and we can take visit and see if its repairable and if its worth fixing. Tables and nets are expensive so its better to fix them as soon as possible.