Queens Platinum Jubilee

North Ayrshire TT held a Queens Jubilee Competition at St Matthews which saw a full entry of players both beginner and experienced from different clubs in Ayrshire.

Players were put into different banded groups according to their playing ability which resulted in a great night of matches for all with players competing against players their own level.

Thanks to the Platinum Jubilee Fund for helping fund this event and for Teessport for providing the vouchers for all winners and runners up of their band.

See winners and runners up of each band below.

Band 1
🥇 Chris Main
🥈 Andy Macpherson

Band 2
🥇 Alec Hughes
🥈 Jess Hogg

Band 3
🥇 Andre Sonnet
🥈 Simon Melville

Band 4
🥇 Josh Hill
🥈 Dylan Greer

Band 5
🥇 Ben Ritchie
🥈 Leesa Dunwoodie

Band 6
🥇 Tamara Martin
🥈 Aimee Senchak