Leagues Start Date

With the up and coming season about to kick off this month, we are looking forward to the leagues starting back up both regionally and nationally.

3 teams in West of Scotland League
4 teams in National Scottish League
3 teams in British Senior League

West of Scotland Senior League
First round of matches will be on the WC 27th September. We have entered 3 teams into this seasons WoS league which sees matches home and away on a weekly basis.  ‘A’ team in Division 1, ‘B’ team in Division 2 and ‘C’ team in Division 3. Our home matches will be held at St Matthews Academy and will be on a Monday night with a start time of 7.15pm.

Scottish National League
This seasons SNL will take place at Bells Sport Centre with NATTC entering 4 teams. We will have two teams in Division 1, one team in Division 3 and one team in Division 5. In Division 1 our ‘A’ team will be going for an eighth title alongside the B teams most recent promotion from Division 2.  Our C team and D team will be pushing for wins and titles in their respective divisions so we are hoping for another successful season in SNL.

Day 1 : 9th Oct
Day 2 : 27th Nov
Day 3: 6th Feb

British League
British Premier League starts for our A team on 18th September at home at St Matthews Academy with our B and C team starting their campaign the following weekend (25th/26th) at Halton TTC, Widnes.

British League is the premier club competition in the UK with teams from all the home countries competing, so we are always proud to take part in it and is always a great challenge for our players. British League website which you can view fixtures, club ranking list and dates – https://british.ttleagues.com/