Dumfries Friendly Match

Dumfries Table Tennis Club invited a squad of North Ayrshire players down to compete in a inter club friendly match on Friday 11th March. 9 players from NATTC travelled down to compete in team matches with consisted of three 3 v 3 matches.

All matches were very close and played in good spirit, NA A beat Dumfries A 5-4, NA B beat Dumfries B 6-3 & NA C beat Dumfries C beat 5-4. Dumfries TTC are holding a Easter Training Camp on April 5th, 6th & 7th with information on their website – www.dumfriesttc.co.uk.

Dumfries A                         North Ayrshire A
Keir Morton                        Chris Main
Danny Bajwa                      Richard Main
Dylan De Silva                    Robin Wilson

Dumfries B                         North Ayrshire B
Gordon Duff                      Martin Johnson
Stuart Brown                     Harvey McDonald
Liam Marshall                   Ryan Henry

Dumfries C                        North Ayrshire C
Kenny Lee                          Kayser Collins
Ross Thomson                  Jamie Johnson
Catrin Ace                          Owen Wilson