Competitions & Calendar

See below competition and league calendar from now until the end of the year. Individual competitions, team competitions, VETTS plus club activities. Links to TT Scotland website for tournament entry forms and full Scottish calendar at bottom of page.

1st – St Matthews reopening
3rd – West Kilbride TT reopening
3-5th – Inverclyde National Training
12th – VETS Comp at Bells
18th – British Premier v Fusion
25/26th – British Senior League
27th – WoS Senior League starts

2nd – British Premier v Ormesby
9th – Scottish National League
10th – Perth GP
23/24th – National Championships
24th – Scottish VETTS Bathgate
30th – British Premier v Ormeau

7th – Club Competition at St Peters
13/14th – Home Nations
19-21st – Inverclyde National Training
27th – Scottish National League
28th – Scottish Primary Schools

4th – British Premier League
4-5th – Inverclyde National Training
11th – British League
18th – Club Christmas night out
20th – Club Christmas Night

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