Club Update – July 19th

See below email sent out to members of our club. We have listed some workshops, meetings to get involved in and articles to have a read through.

Table Tennis Scotland – COVID Update July 10th
“Table Tennis Scotland welcomes the Scottish Government update of 9th July on the move to Phase Three of the route map out of lockdown, however, we do wish to reiterate what this means for table tennis clubs, facilities and players across the country.”

“Whilst TTS appreciated this continues to be a frustrating time for clubs, facilities and players across Scotland, the updated guidance has confirmed that no indoor gyms and sports facilities will not be able to re-open before Friday 31st July 2020. An update will be provided on 30th July. Read full TTS update here” –

Stephen Gertsen – NATTC Workshop – Thursday 23rd July 7pm
Stephen Gertsen is running a club workshop for all members, coaches and parents to join this Thurday at 7pm. The workshop will be based in “Cornering in matches” which will cover coaching at the end of games and what sort of tactics you should be looking to implement during it.

This workshop has been organised via TTS, covers a great topic and will be beneficial for everyone at the club. Stephen will be delivering it and ideal for anyone who coaches team mates, friends and sons / daughters at WoS league matches and or national competitions. It will be done on Zoom and I will send out email with link to join on Wednesday evening. Please let us know if you would like to join by message / email.  

Equipment Check-Up
We have sorted all nets and posts from NATTC recently after picking them up from venues our equipment are stored in and obviously St Matthews Academy. John Smith has spent a lot of time over the last couple of weeks welding parts together, fixing all broken parts and fitting new parts to existing posts. 

We have also repaired over 10 tables which were broken / damaged and can add these tables to the fleet of tables where we can use as we see fit.  This has been a slow and time consuming job but our equipment has never been in better shape.

I have written up a clubs asset sheet which details how much equipment the club owns and where its stored. Ill send this on once finalised.

Player Spotlight – Ryan Henry
Ryan Henry features in our latest Player Spotlight. Ryan who currently plays in the WoS Senior League, British league and Scottish national league answer questions on his tt career so far, where he has played international competitions and highlights some of his best achievements. He has been part of the British Para Squad for a number of years now and has been active coaching at the club both at competitions and 1-1s. Read his player spotlight here –

Bonus Ball Winners
Thanks to everyone who signed up and has paid for the Bonus ball competition for the month of July. Few guys still to pay, so if you need to find out how much you owe, give my dad a message and he’ll let you know. Winners are as follows ;

Sat 4th July – Ann Alcock with No13, prize bottle of whiskey
Sat July 11th – Ian Macpherson with No22, prize TBC
Sat July 18th – Colin Dalgleish with No18, prize TBC

Club Zoom Meetings – British League and WoS Senior League
I have pencilled in two dates for the next club zoom meetings, British league update where we will speak to the players involved with the most recent info we have had. Chris and Billy were involved in a meeting on Sunday with TT England and British League discussing the possibilities for next season and the make up of the divisions.

Zoom meeting to discuss (as best we can) west senior league teams for next season. We know roughly what divisions our teams will be in next season so can plan the best we can for the season ahead. Please put dates in diaries.

British League meeting – Monday 27th July 6pm
WoS Senior League meeting – Monday 3rd Aug 6pm


TTS Q&A with Martin Johnson and Danny Bajwa
Tune in this coming Monday (20th July) to watch Martin Johnson and Dumfries’s Danny Bajwa chat and answer questions about their time training full time at Borussia Dusseldorf. David Fairholm hosts the weekly show on TTS Youtube channel and the boys will be joined by their coaches Chris Main and Dylan DeSilva. Can watch the video here –