Classes / Sessions & Summer Schedule

July / August

We will be running a summer league for the first time this summer, which will operate once per week. It will be in the form of a ladder tournament, where players can play 3 matches per night (best of 5 sets) and challenge players directly above them or players can challenge them who are directly below them on the ladder. More info and entry forms will be handed out next week at the club.

NATTC will run a summer camp on 11th, 12th & 13th of August and will be at St Matthews Academy. Dumfries TTC are running a residential training camp on the week commencing 27th July, we will be encouraging players to take part in this as it will be a great 3 days of table tennis.


7-9pm – Open Club Night Tuesday

4.30 – 6pm – After School Class
6.00 – 10pm – Group sessions

4.00 – 7pm – 1 – 1 sessions
7.00 – 9pm – Club training session

2.45 – 4pm – After school class
4.00 – 8pm – 1-1 sessions