Bronze Medals at British Primary Championships

Chad Duncan, Jamie Johnson, Patric Hollywood & Jess Hogg recently represented Scotland at The British Primary Schools Championships in Cardiff, which saw half of the eight players selected to represent Scotland from North Ayrshire TTC. Chad, Patric & Jamie teamed up with Aberdeen’s Dylan Thies in the team event where the boys finished in 4th place beating Isle of Man & Guernesey and just missing out on a bronze medal after a marathon match against the home team Wales, where Scotland narrowly lost out 6-4.
West Kilbride’s Jess Hogg put in her best performance to date to win Bronze medal in the Girls Team Event alongside team mates Willow Shek (Aberdeen), Glasgow’s Amelia Smolarek (Glasgow) & Shannon Brown (Dumfries). The girls beat Guernsey 10-0, Isle of Man 10-0 and drew with Wales 5-5 to win the Bronze Medal on countback. Jess also picked up a Bronze medal in the Girls Plate event showing that her months of hard work prior to this event paying dividends.
A fantastic experience for Chad, Patric, Jamie & Jess in which they all performed brilliantly under pressure and showed they can compete and win on the international stage against some of the best players in the UK.