Back in Action

Great first week of table tennis post lockdown and a smooth return to club activity at our new venue, St Peters church hall in Ardrossan. Sessions ran Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and we do the same again this week, with slightly longer days and busier timetable.

All players were great at adhering to the new Covid-19 rules that we have put in place. The hall was looking good with the increased court size and the 3 tables set up. We have opened up our sessions this week to include players from different clubs, such as Irvine TTC and West Kilbride TTC as their venues aren’t open yet.

Our first two weekends have seen over 40+ players walk in the door and we continue to operate a book in advance timetable. Anyone wanting to book a table, confirm times or get more information, please contact Billy Main on 07979806571.

VIDEO : Jamie Johnson playing well after his first weekend back, making the topspin exercises look easy as usual …