Smashin’ Sectarianism off the Table

North Ayrshire TTC are currently half way through the 2nd year of their anti – sectarianism project and are raising awareness of the work they are doing in Saltcoats, Ardrossan & Stevenston. From February 1st we will have a dedicated area on our website for our anti-sectarianism work with questionnaires, information and links which will be available for everyone to view and complete. Working alongside the Voluntary Action Fund we have realised how many people have been or are affected with sectarianism and how everyone has a different view on this issue, with some people acknowledging it is a big problem in our society and with others saying its not a problem at all.

We have delivered numerous workshops, classroom based activities and handed out over 200 questionnaires in order to see what members of our club and local school children think of sectarianism in our area. Chris Main recently wrote a blog post for the Action on Sectarianism website which details how and why we are going about our work and how a table tennis club can fight such a prevalent issue. If you would like to read this then visit –