Smashin’ Sectarianism Off the Table

  • Police - anti sect Is Sectarianism Still a Religious Issue in Scotland? (30/3/2015) - As everyone is well aware, it is Scotland’s two biggest football clubs that are seen as the embodiment of the sectarian divide in this country. The pair represent either side of the split. Rangers and Celtic; Protestantism […]
  • rangersboyvcelticboy Sectarianism in Scottish Society (19/3/2015) - Sectarianism is one of the most problematic and divisive issues currently facing Scotland today. The idea of Protestant against Catholic is as much a part of our nationalistic story as any of the other clichéd stereotypes you […]
  • AAEAAQAAAAAAAALZAAAAJGU1ZjE3MDUxLWVhOWUtNGQ3Ni04ZGM0LWU1ZWJlMmUxZDZjMw Sports Journalist joins our Team (12/3/2015) - Tom Wilde is a sports journalist that graduated from the University of the West of Scotland in 2014. He regularly contributes to some very popular sports websites and has a keen interest in many sports; […]
  • WTW_COVER_V3_wrap_noText_jillcalder Reading Material (27/2/2015) - We have got several copies of Divided City & Walk the Walk which are available for any club member to take home and read. Both novels were developed to educate young people about the consequences […]
  • anti sect logo Action on Sectarianism Partnership (23/2/2015) - North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club and Action on Sectarianism have become partners where we will be using their online resources, sharing articles and finding idea’s to use from their website. Chris Main, recently written a […]
  • smashing “Sectarianism Shame” By Joshua Griffiths (21/2/2015) - Sectarianism? What is Sectarianism? Sectarianism is the rivalry between two religious parties – Roman Catholics & Protestants, with one of the main and potentially biggest rivalry between Celtic & Rangers FC fans. Sectarianism has led […]